Lash & Brow Tint

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Lash & Brow Tint

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Brows and lashes will be darker, denser and more defined with BB’s high-pigment tints, available in a variety of 5 shades. Hairs will glow with a fuller, bolder, lengthened look, enhancing naturality with a flick of fresh colouration.  

How long does brow & lash tint last for?

Beautiful Brows & Lashes tint lasts for 4-6 weeks. 

How to apply to brows:

  1. Mix 1cm of tint and 3 drops of cream developer into a dappen dish.
  2. Prep skin by removing makeup and lining the brow arch and tail sides with Vaseline / Petroleum Jelly to act as a moisture barrier and prevent staining slips.
  3. Gather the tint on a tint brush and apply it to the brows, making sure each hair is coated and shaped as desired.
  4. Depending on the desired colour, leave tint on for 5-7 minutes; you can tell when it is time to remove it because you will see the colour set. For extra dark, leave it on for 10 minutes. If brows have been laminated, for fine brows leave the tint on for 3 minutes; healthy brows 4 minutes; and coarse brows 5 minutes.
  5. Remove with tint/makeup remover on a cotton pad.

How to apply to lashes:

  1. Prep: remove any contact lenses, clean the eye area with lash cleanser and place biogel under eye pads underneath the lashes.
  2. Immediately before tinting, mix 1cm of tint and 3 drops of cream developer into a dappen dish.
  3. Apply to lashes using a tint brush.
  4. Leave tint on for 10 minutes. If a lash lift has been performed, for fine lashes leave the tint on for 3 minutes; healthy lashes 4 minutes; and coarse lashes 5 minutes. 
  5. Remove tint with a warm, moist cotton pad, wiping from the root down to the tips. Eyes must remain closed until the last trace of tint has been removed.

Do I need to be trained in tinting?

Yes, you should be a fully qualified professional to offer this service. Beautiful Brows & Lashes offer a Brow Lamination, Waxing & Tinting course that is ABT-accredited and teaches you everything you need to know. 

Why you’ll love it! 

BB’s tints are vivid, glossy and come in a colour for every client. Intensify brows and lashes with a pop of natural-looking colour as the finishing touch of your treatments.  


  • A patch test must be carried out 24-48 hours before treatment
  • Tint must be mixed with 3% cream developer: 1cm of tint and 3 drops of developer
  • Available in 5 colours:
    • Natural: for very blonde or red-headed clients wanting a little extra visibility
    • Mid brown: for ashy blonde clients wanting a natural deeper look
    • Brown: for brunettes looking to accentuate their natural brow
    • Blue-black: for those lashes that really want to pop!
    • Deep black: a true natural black

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